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Wellness focus – Five (5) Essentials of Health

Health Index Rating ScaleIf I was to ask you: How do you rate your health at this time? Your answer could be reasonably accurate or it would be quite awkward to provide a good answer to that question. So, let’s make it easier to be somewhat more accurate in self-assessing your health rating by looking at the five different areas of your health that are required to stay healthy. By healthy I don’t necessarily mean “fit and healthy” or some doctor’s or health writer’s version of healthy, but in real terms, what your body really needs to be healthy.

The five essentials are:
1. Proper Nutrition
2. Proper Fitness
3. Proper Rest
4. Positive/Right Thinking
5. Proper Nerve Supply

If you think about it these are in many ways inter-dependent to each other. I mean you can’t get a good night’s sleep if you are in pain so your nerve supply is not great. Or, if you stopped exercising, how well would you manage your stress since exercise is the number one way to manage your stress.

In the next week we will look at each of these five areas in some detail so you can better appreciate the simple truth we are stating here: “One has to be well in all 5 areas that are essential to health in order to have sustainable health and wellness.”

Yours in Health

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