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5 Essentials – Proper Fitness and Proper Rest

Health Index Rating ScaleOn the scale of one (1) to ten (10) with ten being optimal, rate yourself on how well you are doing your fitness RATE: ____  
and how good is your sleep. RATE: ____

2. Proper Fitness:

See Video on this Topic.

To maintain a proper BMI it is best to have a higher BMR (base metabolic rate) and that requires more muscles and less fats. Truth is we should maintain an ideal percentage of body fat: 15%-18% for males and 20%- 24% for females. Focusing on building adequate muscles can ensure we maintain the correct percentage of body fats as this will increase the BMR and it is easier to burn up all the energy consumed. Fitness is the natural outcome of a life engaged in enough physical activities. (Read my FITNESS blog to create a better plan for yourself and your family). Stay fit to enjoy health and not just to avoid illnesses.

3. Proper Rest:
Working adults need seven (7) hours sleep +/- one hour, depending on your metabolism. School aged kids need closer to 10 hours per night of sleep. The correct amount of sleep is always determined by how much time your body needs to rebuild from the day’s activities. It is easy to “get it” that this is an important topic because we all felt the effects of missing too much sleep or trying to do stay up all night (teenage memories) and how absolutely miserable we felt the next day. Compromise this one too long and systems will break down and beware of impending sickness. (Remember being sick means not being healthy.)

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