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DC-MDThe current medical model does not help people get healthy or stay healthy for the simple reason that is not why those professions exist. Medicine exists to test, diagnose and treat disease. We will transgress from the topic of disease management and shift into a true health care discussion.

There are two main things that we all have that keeps us healthy:   a properly functioning nervous system and an efficient metabolism. How to maintain these two sides of the coin requires us to think right, move right and eat right. If you think about that deeply rather than superficially, we find there is truth and wisdom in those words.

Your blood must be a healthy repository of the correct solutes and nothing more. What particles are we talking about? They are the molecules that make up cells, hormones and enzymes (the natural chemicals of our body) plus the nutrients we consume to transport to the body’s cells for energy, repair and regeneration. The blood stream needs to remain clean and free of pollutants and undesirable particles; even too many of the body’s own chemicals can be unhealthy like high levels of insulin or adrenalin.

The end result of violating these principles are the main reasons people become unwell and eventually sick. Transient illnesses should easily be managed by a healthy body. It’s when that fails do we get sick and I mean chronically sick and unwell.

River in BoholThink of your blood like a river. We all know what happens to our beautiful rivers when we pollute them or otherwise disturb the natural habitat. There is a reason villagers of old learned to sample drinking water upstream, wash in the middle and dispose of human and other wastes downstream. Violating these principles causes entire villages to get sick and risk annihilation of the entire tribe.

View your own blood stream in the same light as the river stream. The lesson is amazingly powerful in correcting erroneous thinking that taking drugs will cure you of anything. When we see a river dying we don’t dump in more chemicals, but instead we search for the source of toxins and when we stop polluting the river we see nature return. The same is true of our bodies.

Detox is a temporary and effective correction for our failure to preserve pure blood. However we must develop proper standards for maintaining our systems in full operating order to preserve our health. Health is more than just not having any diseases but is attained by having clean blood and a healthy metabolism. When we succeed at keeping our blood unpolluted we maintain all systems in an optimal state of responsiveness and that is a sustainable condition to preserve one’s health.

Think of all the organs that process your blood day in and day out like the kidneys and the liver; then the other organs that are rich in blood supply like muscles, heart and the brain. The benefits of preserving and maintaining proper metabolic conditions is paramount to a long and healthy life.

Today’s lesson: “Don’t pollute your river!”

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