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Maintenance or Preventive Care?

Preventive Care

Preventive CareOnce a person has consulted with a chiropractor and underwent a course of care that has taken them out of pain, the common question people have is: “When will I know if or when I need to return to the chiropractor?”

That is an excellent question and the choices depend on your personal philosophy of life and health. If you only seek out chiropractic care for emergency drug-free pain relief and have no interest what-so-ever in prevention, then the answer is: “Come back the next time you experience pain.” The other choices fall under Maintenance care or Preventive care.

As an experienced wellness and holistic practitioner having cared for some 18,000+ people from many many cultures and economic backgrounds, the truth is that most people find a chiropractor too late to get cured. So, although pain relief and near-full range of motion in the joints are restored, there are usually residual damages after a decent course of corrective care because many joints have undergone PLASTIC CHANGES.

So what is needed for sustained spine and nerve integrity and health? 50% of the time I recommend maintenance care. This care is required or problems will deteriorate and spinal damages can resume. Typically the schedule is anywhere from every three weeks apart to every three months apart for up to a year. The greater the joint and disc damages the greater the chances that more than one cycle of maintenance care will be necessary.

Preventive care is another matter and I find this recommendation being accepted by about 10% of my patients. These are those individuals who seek to preserve their health, or want to stay away from medicine and from hospitals altogether. Preventive care makes that possible for the greatest majority of people in this group. Can you become one of these pro-active individuals and share their evolved philosophy of life and health? I invite you do it.

We invest in home, health, life and auto insurance to avoid catastrophic financial losses from  an unexpected or unpreventable situation. Preventive care is an investment in true healthcare. These individuals still carry an appropriate catastrophic insurance policy but they prefer to bet on themselves than against themselves by investing in preventive chiropractic care. Wise are the few!

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