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5 Essentials – Rating Yourself

Health Index Rating Scale

This is the 5th part of a 5-part series on the 5 Essentials of Health, presented all week. You are invited to review all four previous blogs then return to this one to wrap it up!

See the Intro Video on this topic.

So now, rate yourself in each of these five areas on the scale of 1-10 with ten being optimal health. When you have each area rated simply add the total, multiply by two and divide by ten; your answer will be how your health rates on the scale of 1-10. Now it’s up to you to find ways to raise each of the five areas from a four to a 5 or 6 or from a seven to an 8 or 9. When you raise the bar in each area of your life, you raise your health rating. WOW! You can do it!

  1. _____ Proper Nutrition
  2. _____ Proper Fitness
  3. _____ Proper Rest
  4. _____ Proper Thinking
  5. _____ Proper Nerve Supply

Total here: _____ x 2 = _____ divided by 10 = your rating of _____ on a scale of 1-10

So look at this chart and mark your score, then use this visual reinforcement to give you the proper motivation to make a plan of action to restore yourself to a 10 in each area.

Health Index Rating Scale

It’s not really that hard to do, just follow these two steps once every quarter of the year:

  1. Make a small immediate change in the next 3 days to  raise your number up by one in each essential area.
  2. Plan and initiate a large change in the next 3 months to  raise your number up by one in each essential area.

I feel strongly that there are far more solutions in this world than there are problems because each problem has many possible solutions. So there are no acceptable excuses for not succeeding in the game of life and health. You can do it. Go for it! 

Yours in Health,

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