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The Carbohydrate Flush

Today’s cultural eating habits have been trumped and redesigned by the “Big Food Industry” which consist of the multinational companies that manipulate the world’s markets in food supply and by the growing number of fast food franchises. To speak plainly, consumers have been manipulated, their foods have been manipulated, altered and packaged to best serve to bottom line of Big Foods. One unfortunate side effect of this commercial manipulation is the rapid rise in the occurrence of Type 2 Diabetes. People need to curb their over consumption of refined carbohydrates to avoid suffering the second half of their life in illness and dying 20 – 30 years before their time.

Today’s blog has one purpose… to teach you a quick fix to help you get the upper-hand on this problem. What is that magical fix? It is the Carb Flush!

When we hear a person is Diabetic isn’t the first thing you think of how they should have eaten less sugar? I wish it was that simple because in truth, all carbohydrates turn into sugar in your blood. Yes, that is the rice that you over eat, the bread, the pasta / spaghetti, and also the over consumption of fruits and fruit juices.  Oh yea… also included is the sugar in pastries, in soda drinks, in sweet tea, in prepackaged tea or fruit juice powders, etc. When you add all this together it’s no wonder we see so much Diabetes Type 2.

Ready for the solution, for the Carb Flush? Start this by plan for 3 days in a row when you do it the first time, then do it one day per week after that. The flush means you stop eating all forms of carbohydrates (as noted above) for several days, allowing your body to flush out most of the blood sugar in your system. So what will you eat?

Amazingly, since there is no more glucose entering your digestive system the body immediately stops secreting Insulin, except in very small amounts. Lower Insulin lets the body release a lot of fluids though your kidneys and with that a lot of toxins. What people do not realize is that they don’t really get addicted to the sugar but it’s the Insulin they get addicted to. So the Carb Flush is also in a sense a “Fast” that helps to detoxify the body; and why it is recommended that you in take one day a week to Fast. This can be a liquid Fast or it can be a Carb Flush type of Fast. However, it is a good idea once per month to actually go an entire day with only water or light fluids, no foods at all.

Warning. Failure to drink enough water or fluids will result in some headaches and possibly constipation. So be sure you drink a lot of water on Carb Flush days.

By now you are thinking: “What on earth am I going to eat during the Carb Flush days since I am cutting out most everything I eat daily?” If that is really your question then you are the most important person who needs, really needs, to read this blog and become a student of docMIKEblog! You are probably already Diabetic or borderline. Let me give you one more piece of advice: Exercise! Sorry, to reduce fats you have to burn them up.

OK, OK I know you really need to know what to eat during your Carb Flush days. It consists of mostly water, all the vegetables you can eat (non-starchy ones) and a decent amount of protein like fish, meat, eggs, some cheese. In Tagalog… daming ulam at gulay. Your plate will have all carbs replaced by vegetables and water for drink. My favorite recipe for a Carb Flush day is soup; vegetable soup with either chicken or beef or fish and it’s all I can eat! You can also juice your vegetables.

Yours in True Health,

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  • Reply
    11/05/2015 at 7:23 pm

    Hi docMIKE, I’m a patient of Doc Jon in Forbes, Philippines. and I will be visiting him tomorrow for my adjustments. Is it safe to do Carbs Flush during pregnancy? Thank you.

    • Reply
      11/06/2015 at 7:18 am

      Hi Fleur,
      All good things done in moderation are healthy. The flush reduces many of the excessive particles in the blood and a clean blood supply with more fluid balance is fine for the baby. I should also be there tomorrow. Let’s chat a minute about this.

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