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Wellness is Personal

P – personal and individual planning & execution
E – effort is required to “normalize” weight and keep it off
R – reasonable, achievable goals are required
S – self-discipline is at the center of lifestyle transformation
O – optimal health is achievable in most cases
N – natural choices are always better
A – addictions need to be overcome
L – lifetime pursuit (not a quick fix)

Warning… Taking any drug for symptomatic or maintenance reasons is NOT healthcare but just disease management. Health can not be found in a bottle.

Becoming free of the threats of acute and chronic diseases is the most practical outcome of a personal wellness plan; because the opposite is very true, that the absence of a personal wellness plan almost always results in the real experiences of chronic disease. That means a shortened life of suffering limitations and enslaved to the growing dependence on drugs, doctor and hospital care. Take the time to read the many blogs written within this website to create your personal wellness plan.

Ask yourself this:“What are the minority of financially OK  people who are not over weight, obese or under some medical treatment doing to stay out of the chronic disease pit suffered by the majority who are?”

Answer: “They have a personal wellness plan (best if written down) and they act on it!”

Yours in Health,

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