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docMIKE27 on TwitterToday’s social media apps really make it easy to stay connected with people of like mind and spirit. Please “Follow Me” on Twitter, the account name to follow is “docMIKE27” and permit me to explain the name. The docMIKE, letters as denoted, is the branding my friends and patients have designated to me in the early years of my establishing a professional presence in Manila, and for the slogan / stated vision as “The Touch, Art and Word of Healing” in this local and the greater communities accessed due to the Internet.

The sum of these two numbers equals #9 and this is recognised as the “state of near completion” that I believe everyone can attain. It’s that place in life of near completion that we attain through personal growth and the healthy body that a healthy mind can/will sustain. We actually have to die in righteousness to properly fulfill our life’s closure to become a 10, to be complete.

The number two (#2) is what your whole life is all about. You + one other person equals 2. (Me + 1 = 2) We all have an individual purpose in life and it is not about collecting more things or status but how we can impact another human being… times as many people as you can touch in a meaningful way throughout your life. These people are your family members, spouse, children, friends, co-workers, classmates, customers, clients, etc. It’s more common for people on their deathbed to regret failed relationships than failure to buy another house or car. So here’s to you, visioning yourself eventually sharing your final resting bed, surrounded by people you have impacted in your life. And with the Peace that comes with NO REGRETS.

The number seven (#7) is God’s number. He declared that to be His number so who am I to argue with that. I include this number in my Twitter name as a reminder that for all the successes we can (and should) attain in life, we will never forget the most important purpose we have to accomplish… that of returning to God when we are done here. The alternative ending makes one’s entire life meaningless, don’t you think? This is a big one!

So “Follow Me” on Twitter – docMIKE27 and give yourself an edge on experiencing greater personal growth: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

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