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This blog comes from my professional coach of 20 years, Dr. Jim Naccarato of Lake Tahoe, USA. and email: [email protected]
Somethings are said so plainly that it is worth repeating, word for word.

We all deal with stress every day. It is a useful emotion that helps us keep up with our busy lives and motivates us to do better. Too much stress however, can be destructive, unhealthy, and distracting. The possibility of an underlying medical condition must be ruled out before the following symptoms can be attributed to stress. Once that is done then consider the following. People under stress commonly experience:

  • Difficulty thinking, remembering, and making decisions.
  • Moodiness, irritability, and short temper.
  • Depression, anxiousness, and a sense of being overwhelmed.
  • Chest pain, irregular or rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, aches and pains.
  • Weight gain or loss, loss of sex drive, and frequent colds.
  • Difficulty sleeping.
  • Dependency on addictive and harmful substances.
  • Loss of ambition, procrastination. There are times when you simply cannot change your circumstances.

However, there is never a time when you cannot change how you respond to your circumstances. The following are practical suggestions that will help you manage your stress and live a more successful, relaxed life:

  • Get to bed early. 
  • Get up early. 
  • Eat a healthy, reasonable, balanced diet. 
  • Exercise one hour per day, five days per week. 
  • Shift your focus from finding and fixing problems to discovering and acting on solutions.
  • Work with a personal coach and learn how to increase your coping skills. 
  • Choose another emotion. People commonly use stress as a motivation to get things done.

When we become stressed we push ourselves to do what we need to. It’s easy to conclude that stress works, but why pay the price when you could have picked another emotion to achieve the same result? Choose to be happy, to be positive, to be passionate!

Truth: Stress always comes with a “gain” or people wouldn’t continue to use it.
Bottom line: Determine the “gain” and let it go. Otherwise, you won’t let go of your stress!

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