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Chiro-Pastor, a new designation


Greetings from Asia! docMIKE has been given the new official title of Chiro-pastor during a recent trip to Indochina. There has to be a story behind that and you are correct.

After 38 years of private practice as a chiropractor I announced my retirement from active practice earlier in 2017. This opened the door to focus on International advancements in developing chiropractic in pioneer countries, where chiropractic services are unavailable or relatively unavailable. This also freed up my time to attend more meetings and to increase my network of people who could in some way or another advance chiropractic in their country; advance chiropractic education or open more clinics.

Taking advantage of greater time available for travel I have been to 12 countries this year. Let’s see: Canada, USA, Switzerland, Spain, Cypress, Dubai, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and most recent in Brunei. Representing the Chiropractic Diplomatic Corps as its Executive Director.

Every time Mabuhay chiropractic opens a new clinic branch we of course hold an Open House / a Blessing that is officiated by Pastor Gerry Nables of Bethany Baptist Church in Makati. It was during our Cebu clinic blessing that we discovered our mission trips were colliding in Vietnam and Cambodia just a couple months later. Needless to say, we had plenty of time to chat when we took a bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh City in Cambodia.

Here is a senior pastor visiting and nurturing his missionary pastors in Indochina and SE Asia. I saw that in a matter of years I would find myself doing the same thing; after all, these diplomatic focused trips to nations in need are starting to result in more and more chiropractors and chiropractic promoters who will need support and fellowship.  So Pastor Gerry, as he was introducing me to his missionary pastors, used the term “chiro-pastor” as an endearment term… and it has apparently stuck!

So here we are about to enter in 2018 and I already have a ’round the world trip’ in January to 7 countries. This will be followed by responding to invitations to go to Myanmar, Papua New Guinea and England, as well as returning to Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, India, Canada, USA, Switzerland and UAE. So you can see how the designation as Chiro-pastor is indeed an appropriate fit. I like it!

Pastor Gerry always says during the blessings that I am the COO – the Child Of the Owner; acknowledging that God is the true CEO of Mabuhay Chiropractic Clinics. Well I also remain His humble servant outside of the Philippines as well, since God is also CEO of the Chiropractic Diplomatic Corps.

Yours in Chiropractic. God bless,

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