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Happy Birthday docMIKE!

Michel Yves TetraultFrom the cold of Winnipeg, Canada in 1952 where Michel Yves Tetrault was born to simple but community focused parents of humble means and fast forward to today living in the warm and tropical Philippines; Michel would say that’s progress.

Throughout the world there are natural healers that come with many labels or names like Mangi-Hilot, Huesseros, traditional bonesetters, etc. who rarely undergo formal training. They undergo esoteric training or apprenticeship but begin with a natural skill, a form of gift. In retrospect, docMIKE fits that description except for the fact that his first introduction to manual manipulation was in a formal university setting during his training as a chiropractor, but in his practice there is the element of natural intuition that adds to the science. That same intuitiveness is also appreciated in docMIKE’s life coaching activities.

Happy Birthday docMIKE, Michel Yves Tetrault, March 27!

God bless you for the special care and effort you bring to serving our communities and for your caring heart in everything you do.

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