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Birthday Cake with One Hundred Candles

The National Respect for Centenarians Day is set on September 25 of every year. Effective July 2016, under Republic Act 10868, all Filipinos who reach 100 years of age will receive a P100,000 cash gift and a letter of felicitation from the President of the Philippines, whether they are residing in the Philippines or abroad. They will also be awarded with a plaque of recognition and additional cash gift from their respective city or municipal governments.

Why is this an important piece of legislation? Because it helps to raise the expectations of the general population that reaching 100 years of age is possible, and rewarding.

Now I already know what you are thinking: “Why would anyone want to suffer old age that long?” Too often, that is what we see so it is understandable that this thought prevails in the general population. Truth is thousands of people in every country, make that millions of people worldwide, live very long but healthy lives; not long on suffering.

For every reason we come up with that devalues the idea of living to 100, there is an equal or greater number of reasons that support the ideology. You see it’s entirely about how you THINK! If there there is a secret to living a long and healthy life it is this:

To live well to 100 you have to make it a priority TODAY, and after a thoughtful and sober personal assessment of your life habits, you begin to make rightful modifications in your lifestyle that makes 100 years possible.

There is much truth to my provocative statement that “Problems are the result of doing too many of the WRONG things and not enough of the RIGHT things!”

What keeps us from reaching the age of 100 or believing that we can reach 100, has more up do with how you think, period. Yes, there are many exceptional circumstances that take us out earlier in life, but nature’s plan, if not God’s plan, is that you live a long and fruitful life. Things are upside down. We think it is the exception to hit 100 years old when it should be the exception not to make it that long.

Join me in establishing the correct thinking and beliefs that gets us all to 100 years old and above. I may get there before most of you, but that’s the fun!

Yours in Life and Health,

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