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Metabolic Syndrome Stage 1 Vs Stage 4

Metabolic Syndrome Stage 1 Vs Stage 4

Metabolic Syndrome seriesThis is session 2 of 3 that we are writing on a series introducing a health focus concept revolving around the state of the body’s metabolic status otherwise referred to as Metabolic Syndrome (MSy). There are 5 stages to MSy and we will contrast Stage 1 and 4 this week, then Stage 2 and 3 next week.

Stage 1 – Metabolic Syndrome
(Health profile is 8 – 9 out of 10)

This state is just short of being a ‘10’ in health. A typical health focused person doesn’t have to worry about getting sick because they have strong reserves from a strong metabolism to support their body. However, good health is fleeting when time works against people with poor lifestyle habits. People begin their decline during this stage as there is a lack of awareness that their health is not a given, that health is not guaranteed. They experience health because of an uneventful childhood and begin their adult life in good to great health.

Youth requires a lot for a person to prepare for life in general. This means they may enter in a lengthy advanced study program or enter immediately into the military or the work force. These changes in lifestyle from their childhood habits often produces dietary and fitness challenges that are less than optimal. The result is a slow change into habits that are no longer health sustaining. This includes: long hours at work or study depriving the body of adequate sleep. Frequently there is little to no time for play that includes physical activities so the decline in their fitness has started. Failing to recognize the need to remain focused on proper sleep, diet and fitness begins the decline in their overall health status; now sliding from a 9 to an 8, then into 7 or a 6 without realizing this is happening.

Stage 1 is referred to as the PRE DIABETIC – EARLY STAGE

This means a slow increases in blood sugar that has not yet reached the Diabetes threshold. Improper lifestyle would gradually promote Metabolic Syndrome to develop leading to hypertension, Cardiovascular disease, abnormal blood lipids and Diabetes.

Stage 4 – Metabolic Syndrome
(Health rating is now only a 2 – 3 out of 10)

At this stage of illness the person has already been on daily medications for Diabetes or other chronic disease for some time, years perhaps decades. This period is seen with frequent doctor visits and even some hospital emergency visits to address occasional acute episodes or chest pain, headaches from hypertension, gouty arthritis attacks, etc.


This means… Metabolic Syndrome is already well advanced into Diabetes with complications such as Hypertension and abnormal blood lipid levels with real concerns for  stroke or progressive Cardiovascular disease.

Goal at this stage of advancing disease is to radically change one’s lifestyle by establishing a truly proper eating and exercise lifestyle that can reverse their health profile from a stage 4 to a stage 3; then even to a stage 2 where no medication of any kind is required any longer.

Yours in Serious Health,

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