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Sugar Only Available. Really?

Sugar Only Available. Really?

This is a public health announcement. Restaurant owners please read.
Stop Tolerating

Filipino restaurant establishments that fail to offer non-sugary drinks on their menus for their customers are contributing to the epidemic of Diabetes in this country.

According to the World Health Organization over 25% of the Filipinos are diabetic and within the next generation that number will jump to 50%. Two main causes: lack of regular physical activity and wrong diet, including sugary foods and drinks.

Restaurant owners and corporations that own restaurant chains need to be held accountable for the part they are contributing to this national epidemic. Let me make this simple… this is a public health problem and everyone needs to be part of the solution. Truth is if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

If your favorite restaurant offers you alternative drinks that do not contain sugar be a good citizen and thank them. Good behavior that is recognized is behavior that is repeated.

If you are in a restaurant establishment that does not offer you a diet drink other than water then it is your responsibility to complain to them.

It is your civic duty to reduce the burden of economic and physical disability due to Diabetes. We don’t tolerate smoking in public places anymore and it’s time we stop tolerating bad policies by restaurants that owe their success to their dining customers and at the expense of their health.

Nearly every family is affected or will be affected by this epidemic. Corporations do have a civic duty and corporate responsibility in this way.  It’s called corporate responsibility.

We don’t need a law to outlaw sugar excess; we need corporate and especially a personal responsibility.  In the public sector, more information is needed to educate the public about wrong lifestyle habits that cause Diabetes.


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