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Harvard Anti-aging Study says 150 years

 Harvard anti-aging study says 150 years now

anti-agingA recent release on anti aging refers to the Harvard Anti-Aging Study on longevity claims that people can live until they are 150 years of age. Earlier claims at longevity stopped at 120 but since there are people in recent history that have lived beyond this, the boundary is being pushed further.

Yes, there are lots of people talking about longevity, but mostly they are selling or promoting one product or the other. Chiropractic as a profession has long been a proponent of longevity, and not because of any technique or product to promote. Chiropractic works with the underlying causes of health, the empowerment to achieve a lofty goal of 100 years and more.

It occurred to me, for all the people who are looking for a cure, for the people who just don’t “get it” perhaps I can actually suggest a cure for aging… it’s called “dying young” because that’s the only way to avoid aging.

Nobody expects to stop aging, mostly they just want to slow it down. I prefer to think in a way that says that in avoiding the things about aging we don’t like or want, we should be focused on eliminating things that precipitate aging… namely inflammation in every place, in every way.

Chiropractic is truly part of the answer to aging, but not as a remedy, a therapy or a curative approach. But, by promoting homeostasis and reducing those aspects of life that contribute to Metabolic Syndrome, the offending agent being the “chronic sub-acute inflammation” – influences that contribute to inflammation and its deterioration of body tissues. Since that’s how we age, why we age and so the focus here is how to properly deal with it.

Anti inflammatory medications aren’t the answer either, just in case that thought popped into your head. In fact medications in general add to the solutes that float around in the blood that increases sub-acute chronic inflammation, that contributes to Metabolic Syndrome. In an earlier blog I referred to the idea that we should not pollute our river (our blood) with undesirable particles, as they contribute to sub-acute chronic inflammation.

As we look at the topic of anti-aging, we must remember that there is no cure, that we do only get to live once, so live it healthy!

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