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Pregnancy & Back Pain

According to scientific studies, roughly one half of all pregnant women battle backache (Obstet Gynecol 1988). Fortunately, there’s a powerful and safe solution to pregnancy-related backache: chiropractic care. In fact, Chiropractic helps many expectant moms prepare for childbirth without the needless aggravation of back pain and without drugs.

Although backache occurs with similar frequency in both pregnant and non-pregnant women, back pain during pregnancy tends to be more severe. Why does pregnancy provoke such intense back discomfort? Take Mary’s case for example: she had a condition called sacroiliac joint dysfunction (also called SI joint dysfunction or SI subluxation). Scientific research shows that SI joint dysfunction is the primary cause of pregnancy-related back pain (Obstet Gynecol1988; 71:71-5).

Posture Problem: According to chiropractor clinical studies, vertebral / pelvic misalignments are a second significant cause of pregnancy-related backache. Because the pelvis is the base of the spine, SI joint dysfunction can also affect spinal posture in the mid-back and neck. During pregnancy, a loosening of the abdominal muscles, which are instrumental in maintaining optimal posture, further aggravates postural problems.

Why should expectant mothers choose chiropractic to prevent and alleviate back pain? For several reasons but the first is that chiropractors are specialists in correcting the two main causes of pregnancy-related backache: SI joint dysfunction and vertebral subluxation. Also, chiropractic offers a drug-free approach to pain reduction. Since avoiding unnecessary medication is essential to preventing birth defects, chiropractic provides relief without the worry that comes from taking medication.

And here’s another reason to give chiropractic a try: scientific studies prove it works. For instance, one study that examined expectant mothers with SI joint dysfunction concluded that, “After manipulative therapy [chiropractic adjustment], 10 of the 11 women (91%) had relief of pain and no longer exhibited signs of sacroiliac subluxation” (Fam Prac Res J 1991; 11:149- 159). This was the case with Mary, she had back problems after the birth of her first child, Christian; but with her second preganancy several years later the pain during the pregnancy was severe, in part due to the pre-existing untreated sacroilitis. She said; “I wish I knew during my first pregnancy that chiropractic was such a safe and smart thing to do during pregnancy!”

Lastly, on this topic, since when is pregnancy classified as a disease? Doctors would have you believe that the hospital is the only place to have a baby (you know the building in town that is designated as to where you take all the sick people in town… and that’s supposed to be the safest place to have a baby?). Over a billion people alive today born at home certainly disputes that perspective. And what is this practice of performing C-sections on more than 8% of the cases? Abusive use of trust is what that looks like; check with the W.H.O.’s views on this matter.

Be well and stay well, get informed to avoid drugs and surgery; this reflects an impressive personal philosophy and  lifestyle. Congratulations to those who have reached that level of personal responsibility and enlightenment!

Yours in Health,

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