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What are natural solutions for a Lipoma?

What are natural solutions for a Lipoma? Ever feel a lump under the skin and worried if it was cancer or a tumor? Well that is exactly what Paul Welling had feared. Having undergone years of perfectly normal annual check ups, Paul was told he had a small lump growing on his back. Alarmed he underwent some checks and was relieved to hear that there were no signs of cancer and this it was just a lipoma. So what was…

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Is milk good for me?

A cute slogan used by the milk companies in advertising was: “Milk… It does a body Good!” ┬áCute and trendy slogan but not a necessarily correct one┬ábecause some people suffer health problems from drinking milk. Oh! you say? Interesting thing to know since when it comes to foods one person’s food is another person’s poison. Truth is milk is nature’s food for babies simply because they don’t have teeth and advanced digestive systems to handle regular food. When they can…

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Chiropractic care lowers cancer death rates

In an American study on the impact in communities that have added more doctors, one interesting finding is worth mentioning for this blog community. The more chiropractors were concentrated in a community the greater the improvement for the health outcome reviews, and that comes as no surprise. What is unexpected is that, in comparison to an equal increase in other doctors that had little to no effect on cancer death rates, it was documented that for cancer deaths and increasing…

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RIP Jam Sebastian

It was almost exactly one year ago that I received a text from Jam that he was diagnosed with lung cancer. As his Chiropractor, he asked me if I knew of natural methods to treat cancer as he didn’t want to undergo chemotherapy and to find a less toxic way to heal from the cancer. I recommended a consultation with a couple naturopathic doctors for their advice. In his case, the cancer was already too advanced and medical care was…

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