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RIP Jam Sebastian

Jam SebastianIt was almost exactly one year ago that I received a text from Jam that he was diagnosed with lung cancer. As his Chiropractor, he asked me if I knew of natural methods to treat cancer as he didn’t want to undergo chemotherapy and to find a less toxic way to heal from the cancer. I recommended a consultation with a couple naturopathic doctors for their advice. In his case, the cancer was already too advanced and medical care was initiated.

Cancer cells are present in everybody. Imagine the mathematical probability that there are thousands of cancers cells in the middle of the 10 trillion cells that make up the body. Of course they are there but a healthy body has a fully operational immune system to target and destroy these cancer cells before they can make us sick. Unless the imune system has been compromised. How so?

We talked about his cancer, wondering why would a young man, a non-spoker at that, suffer lung cancer? When he started his chiropractic care just around the previous Christmas he was complaining of genaral spine and muscle aches from sports activitites and loss of energy. What was most surprising in our conversations is the fact that his techno-life robbed him of sleep. He was getting too little sleep and eating no vegetables to stay healthy. In fact he was the one who said to me: “What, eat vegetables? I am not a goat!” Very very wrong thinking!

There are 5 Essentials of Health that nobody can escape, all are necessary to keep us healthy. They are proper nutrition, fitness, sleep/rest, nerve supply and right thinking. Jam was an optimistic young man who exercised but his diet and sleeping habits were horrible, not unlike so many of our 20 something youth. Doesn’t seem to be much of an issue when you are still young but when we violate too many of these 5 Essentials over too long a period of time there ARE consequences.

A person goes from being healthy to be unwell; then they become unhealthy and that is followed by sickness. I suppose the first time I saw Jam he was already unhealthy, even though he looked quite fit on the outside. Just goes to show we can’t read a book just by its cover.

It is sad to lose someone so young. If anything is to be said about how to tell others to avoid suffering the same fate, the lesson to be learned here is to take a hard look at your life and ask yourself, rating yourself on how badly are you violating these 5 Essentials of Health. So as this community’s chiropractor I am telling you to Eat your Vegetables and stop making excuses about not getting enough sleep. We don’t want to lose anymore young women or nice vibrant men like Jam to cancer or any other sickness. Capisce!

.. be Well and Stay Well!
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    molina mangconsay
    03/11/2015 at 10:45 pm

    I want to learn chiropractic..but I don’t know where iv been looking for learning center here in Philippine for chiropractic still not found until now.

    • Reply
      03/16/2015 at 7:09 am

      Thank you for asking. At present there is no Chiropractic College in the Philippines. All graduates are from the USA where there are 18 schools. 100,000 Doctors of Chiropractic worldwide but only just over two dozen in the Philippines, indicating the severe need for a chiropractic program. Attempts at interesting Philippine universities has not led to much, probably because it requires 4 years post graduate studies to complete. Read more about that in this blog: “http://www.docmikeblog.com/how-long-is-the-chiropractors-education.”

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