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Right thinking – Say YES!

Yes1In coaching people into healthier thinking, many of which are trying to lose weight, I share one of my famous quotes: “Your problems are the result of doing too many of the WRONG things and not enough of the RIGHT things.” Sometimes that really sinks in and it encourages people to be more honest and deliberate about improving themselves.

Sometimes I think there could be a more positive way to say the same thing. What could be more positive than saying Yes?

When you say yes to what you should say yes to, you will be so busy doing these things that the things you should say no to will no longer be an issue, since your focus and time are on the right things! In other words, say yes to drinking water and eating fruits and you don’t have to say no to soda and a chocolate bars. Say yes to putting on your running shoes and going out and being active, and you don’t have to say no to the TV or the gadget that brings so much inactivity in your days. Problem solved.

Yes2Instead of being a problem solver… just be a doer of things you already know you should be doing. You see some people love to solve problems, so the first statement of this blog really motivates them to a better life. Truth is most people, and I do mean most people, want to avoid their problems simply because they have a lifetime of experiences that tell them they are lousy at solving problems.

Change tactic and stop solving life’s problems by just being deliberate about saying Yes. Remember that movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey? He attended a motivational “Yes!” seminar which encourages its attendants to seize the opportunity to say “Yes!”. Funny.

Sometimes important truths are very simple, sort of in-your-face truths that anyone can do, if they just make the decision to do it. If we look at this topic in reverse… people believe they have this or that problem because they can’t say no to things they should say no to. I disagree. Most often, people are in these situations because they don’t say yes to the things they should say yes to.

In the end, if your situation is not what you want and need it to be, make a short or long list of the things you think you should be saying yes to and then say Yes! for goodness sake.

Yours in Real Life,

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    08/29/2014 at 7:15 pm

    Yes, I agree with you totally. [When we say yes to all the right things, we will have less time, resources, efforts to do things that we should have said no in the first place.]

    You have made me think differently right away. I till now, was happy to quote a previous as an intelligent statement on investing – ” Sometimes the best investments, are investments you did not make.” After reading your blog today, the tables have turned my view on this. If one says yes to all the right investments and decisions to be taken, they will be left with little or not much resources to invest in the so call bad investments. That brings us to your last paragraph of mentioning make a list of items to say yes to, that is the biggest challenge. Akin to financial planning, getting guidance to make a financial plan to understand where to deploy ones resources. Vyshakh

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