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Metabolism in Weight Management

Diets Don't WorkDiets create a lose / lose scenario where the glass is constantly seen as half full, of being denied things. When we replace the word Energy in weight management, meaning Energy Management, we are now dealing with a win / win scenario where the glass now becomes half full. Now the goal becomes focused on filling the energy glass vs. constantly trying to empty the glass full of fat.

A Radical change in thinking, I will admit to that, but after 50 years of society and medicine trying to do things the other way (which has utterly FAILED) a radical new approach is definitely called for. Don’t you think?

Instead of trying to lose weight, that is to reduce your energy INPUT, better to start increasing your energy OUTPUT. Energy management is now the action plan right at the center of weight normalization. It is no longer just a matter of weight reduction (at any cost), [read “Forget about Diets”] but a matter of increasing energy expenditure.

At the center of that action plan we have three ingredients:
1. Increased physical output
2. Selective eating, only healthy foods
3. Hyper-nutrition by adding daily supplements and proper juicing.

This approach will cause a body to gradually migrate back into its proper BMI (body mass index). A person could normalize their weight best by undergoing a combination of modified food intake of only healthy foods for six weeks, followed by six weeks of strict low carbohydrate food selections, then alternating between these two energy sufficient and energy deficient eating patterns to speed up the process without compromising the BMR (basic metabolic rate).

Also read this special summary of the “Top 10 Weight Loss Blogs” to increase your knowledge base and grow your understanding of why this is a smart and effective way to restore your BMI, without sacrificing your BMR; and becoming a master at Energy Management in the process. Now you are empowered to stay fit and healthy, as long as you stay away from unhealthy habits like smoking, excesses or abuses of other things.

Yours in Real Health,

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