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Chiropractic Focus – Degenerative Disc Rehydration

PosturePumpMartha had dropped her cup of tea more than once and naturally began to worry about what that meant. Her doctor had her undergo an MRI of the neck area and the results were quite shocking to her since she had so little neck complaints over the years. What was so surprising was the advanced levels of spinal disc degeneration with associated disc bulging that was there in black and grey on the MRI image and how the discs had desiccated or dehydrated.

In hind site Martha did recall how there were times when her neck would occasionally lock up or some days there was a lot of stiffness, but nothing that raised any real concern. This is an all-too-common experience how people 50+ years and some times even earlier like 30’s or 40’s are told after x-rays or MRI studies that their spine has aged prematurely.

Surgeons are quick to suggest surgery since that is the skill they can offer to treat cervical or lumbar  or advancing arthritis of the spine. A Chiropractor can offer spinal manipulations to adjust the segments affected to restore some mobility and that has proven value in most cases, especially when people prefer not to undergo surgery. Physical therapy at this stage has little to offer since their approach of action, passive and active therapies, work best on acute Vs chronic conditions and less advanced joint and disc problems.

One newer option to place on the table for those who suffer these advancing spinal arthritis / spondylosis conditions is a well researched, well documented and proven home care device known as the Posture Pro Disc Rehydrator. This is an effective disc pump exercise portable unit that can reverse some of the damages by rehydrating the spinal discs and, to some degree, stop and even reverse spinal damages.

You can view this informative video to see how it works: POSTURE PUMP VIDEO

The Posture Pumps are available in the Philippines. The exclusive distributor is the Wellness E-xperience in Metro Manila. Lots of people need this or face old age with severe limitations from un-managed spinal degenerative arthritis.

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