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Disc Rehydration – spine care

Spinal injury and a sedentary life style lead to drying out of the spinal discs because the discs are like a sponge.  They get water and nutrition from motion as they are moved and squeezed with normal everyday activity. When the disc does not move properly there is limited circulation into it.  The gel in the disc dries out, the associated ligaments, cartilage and tendons dry out, and muscles go into spasm.  Even bone degenerates.  This causes pain. If you…

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Chiropractic Focus – Degenerative Disc Rehydration

Martha had dropped her cup of tea more than once and naturally began to worry about what that meant. Her doctor had her undergo an MRI of the neck area and the results were quite shocking to her since she had so little neck complaints over the years. What was so surprising was the advanced levels of spinal disc degeneration with associated disc bulging that was there in black and grey on the MRI image and how the discs had…

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