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degenerated_discsSpinal injury and a sedentary life style lead to drying out of the spinal discs because the discs are like a sponge.  They get water and nutrition from motion as they are moved and squeezed with normal everyday activity.

When the disc does not move properly there is limited circulation into it.  The gel in the disc dries out, the associated ligaments, cartilage and tendons dry out, and muscles go into spasm.  Even bone degenerates.  This causes pain.

As the disc dries out, it shrinks.  When it shrinks as little as 12%, it loses half its height.  Spinal misalignments, bones with altered position and altered motion in the joints are responsible as they narrow the opening where the nerves exit the spine.  And, this directly affects the nerves that supply the disc.  All it takes is the weight of 5 centavos to change nerve function.

So, when your chiropractor adjusts your joints, they open and move, but that is not enough to rehydrate the discs completely.  Repetitive stretching is needed to rehydrate the tissues so they can actually heal faster and regenerate.  This is done by elliptical traction.

When used with a program of chiropractic treatment, elliptical traction helps to reduce pain, reshape the normal spinal structure, and speed healing significantly. Elliptical traction pushes rather than pulls the spine. It elongates it, stretching it in a curve.

In support of your health and chiropractic therapy, we may recommend the use of a Posture Pump for your low back or neck. This spinal aid is based on engineering and physiology principles for best outcomes.Pump

Mabuhay Chiropractic Clinics import these products directly from the United States and they are available for your use at home. Your chiropractor or our trained staff can demonstrate so you can decide to add this effective home-use therapy to your chiropractic care for better healing and long term health.

It helps and so it matters.

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