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God and Your Nervous System in Health

Nervous system

God and Your Nervous System in Health

Nervous systemDid you know that your health is largely dependent on a properly working nervous system? It is much in the same way your phone or computer works properly because it has a functioning operating system. As science created the computer, God created your brain. In fact, man’s efforts at improving on computers are to duplicate what the complex systems of the brain can already do.

We will look at the complexities of the nervous system and the complexities of the universe, both created by God, to understand just how awesome your body has been designed to keep you healthy. So, let us investigate the relationship between God and your nervous system in Health.

To appreciate the fantastic organ that we call the brain and its system of nerves, we will first briefly look at the complex universe to better understand God’s role in our health, in all humility. While basic science studies the human form to understand the functioning of the body, Astrophysicists study the universe to understand how it functions, and in my view, how to better understand our Creator. In the creation of the universe that seems to have taken place 13.8 Billion years ago in the one millisecond Big Bang; from that release of energy, the universe took shape, expanding and expanding ever since. The product of that explosion is what we call space and the celestial bodies that took shape like stars and planets, clustered in millions of galaxies each containing billions of stars and planets. Naturally, the human mind struggles to grasp all that immensity.

The universe has trillions of stars and planets, but you don’t have to go further than your body to see other complexities that are found, but microscopically. That is right, your body consists of trillions of cells that are the host to some 10 trillion microorganisms. There are some three trillion cells in your brain alone. This is the basis of your operating system that manages all body systems to collectively keep you healthy. The body has an extensive network of nerves that tell the body organs what to do and when to do it. The nervous system also provides the brain feedback essential to monitor everything and to direct the proper and timely responses to everyday activities and challenges. This includes the immune system.

As this article is written in the global pandemic of 2020-2021 it is only proper to mention how keeping a strong immune system one needs to maintain a fully functioning nervous system. From earlier blog articles my readers know that many, many health problems, painful ones and dysfunctional health problems have responded well from undergoing chiropractic care. It is the chiropractor’s sacred duty to check people’s spines for the presence of subluxations (spinal misalignments and instabilities) to restore as best as possible a patient’s nervous system functional ability. As subluxations frequently cause nerve interference, dysfunction, impairment this compromises optimal nervous system function and contributes to unhealthy outcomes. There are some 200 named diagnoses that have been reported to respond to chiropractic care. This happens because the outcome of restoring a healthier spine is a healthier nervous system. Nature takes care of the rest.

When a surgeon properly performs an approved procedure, the final success of that surgery is entirely left in nature’s capable hands. The brain oversees how that healing and repair is performed. The surgeon knows this and in fact relies on the natural healing ability of the body. Similarly, the chiropractor knows that when a subluxation is identified and undergoes spinal adjustments, nature will respond.

A long way to simply say that you have an amazing body that wants to thrive. We are complex beings with amazing capabilities, given all the right conditions. Everyone needs to have their spine checked for spinal subluxations and have their local chiropractor assist in restoring that inborn relationship between God and your nervous system in Health.

Yours in Real Health,

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