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Guard and Guide Yourself to Health

Guard and Guide Yourself to Health

Yes2Starting the blog with this famous quote we can begin to understand the title itself:  “My problems are the result of doing too many of the WRONG things and not enough of the RIGHT things.” GUARD your health by avoiding all the wrong things and GUIDE your health by doing all the right things.”

Last week we discussed re-framing how we view symptoms and that not all symptoms are necessarily bad and not having any symptoms does not mean we are healthy either. This is asking people to rethink many things they thought they got right about life and health but actually have enough of a misunderstanding that it impacts their present and future health. Re-thinking is a good thing when we see it that way!

The secret to health really begins with RIGHT THINKING. This blog is full of information and challenges to our older and incorrect thinking models. When we identify things that we believed to be true but are in fact actually wrong, we can clear away the fog when it comes to making better health decisions with right information.

Right thinking leads to RIGHT ACTIONS such as aligning one’s personal philosophy to the 5 essentials of a healthy life: proper nutrition, proper fitness, proper rest, positive thinking and proper nerve supply. The easiest way to remember all this is to eat right and to move right. Can you do that?

Guard yourself from getting stuck with unhealthy habits and falling into false beliefs. The things we believe to be true but are absolutely false take a serious toll on our lives.

Guide yourself into establishing and maintaining a healthier life style. We think that if we could just be disciplined to do the right things is erroneous. We must OBEY guidance!

Yours in Real Health,

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