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Health Focus – Is Stem Cell Therapy OK?

Stem CellPaul is an open-minded person when it comes to health care options. Recently he was approached to look at the benefits of Stem Cell Therapy. They claimed in fact everyone can benefit from a “World First scientifically proven Stem Cell Enhancement that supports our body’s Natural Mobilization of Stem Cell via Nutrition, that in turn supports self renewal and self-healing.” Sounds like a sales pitch and it is. But wow! Who wouldn’t want that?

The real answer to this topic is NOT TRUE. This is a new craze and I see many people desperate enough to throw excess moneys at stem cell trials. However, in case studies that have authentically reproduced legitimate research outcomes, in separate world locations, and not affiliated with involved commercial entities, there are a few reported cases of true clinical improvement but only the rarest cases.

Sadly in Asia where rich people just throw money at anything in desperation, totally unsophisticated on the topic, there is little protection for the consumer from quasi fraudulent activities here and the Philippines is no exception. Non clinicians are investing heavily in this wave of interest but in truth, the results to the clients have not proven of much sustainable benefits; except for the huge profits gained by these investors.

Vague claims of “improved well-being and enhanced health” – really? When profit incentives take center stage the truth is not what it seems. Take away the profit element and we can have an open and meaningful dialogue on stem cells. The world is repeating a failed philosophy. History already tells us that drugs have failed to deliver health after 75 years of promises. Stems cells is nothing more than a new version of the same deception, and all for the same reason, profit before true progress.

TRUTH? Health comes by diligent, proper daily choices that nature affords us and by staying away from man-made unhealthy lifestyles. After all Health is not an accident… and neither is sickness. Health does not come in a bottle, a remedy or a recycling of your cultured stem cell tissues. Wait until scientific medicine tries to redeem itself by further tampering with DNA. MESS AROUND WITH MOTHER NATURE AND REAP THE CONSEQUENCES!

Yours in Health,

Manila’s Wellness Guru
and Chiropractor in Makati

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