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Reducing Golf injuries

Golf Swing

Golf SwingGolf has become a power game. It’s all about power and distance. Statistically, most people drive the ball less than 200 yards, but they get a big case of ‘distance envy’ when they see the pros on television reaching 300 yards. Once they start trying to match what the pros are doing, injuries are bound to occur simply because they have not conditioned their body to swing that hard.

Golf-specific training and conditioning are the best ways to improve your game and stay injury free in the long run.

TIPS on avoiding Golf injuries:

  1. Purchase equipment that fits. Don’t try to adapt your swing to the wrong size clubs.
  2. Stretch before playing to increase flexibility and again after playing to help reduce post-game stiffness and soreness.
  3. Use soft spikes on your shoes. Metal spikes can increase stress on the back.
  4. Pull, don’t carry, your golf bag. Carrying a heavy bag for 18 holes can lead to spine problems and nerve irritation.
  5. Take a few practice swings with the opposite hand to keep muscles balanced and even out stress on the back.
  6. Drink lots of water. Dehydration causes fatigue, leading players to compensate by adjusting their swing, thus increasing the risk of injury.
  7. Take the ‘drop.’ One bad swing striking a root or a rock with your club can damage the wrist. If unsure whether you can get a clean swing, take the drop.

When injuries do occur your best asset is a Doctor of Chiropractic, with his expertise in posture and flexibility, are uniquely qualified to help players stay fit and injury free. A chiropractic adjustment can increase a player’s mobility and range of motion, which are the key components to building up power, distance, strength and club speed – and to avoid injuries. A chiropractor can prescribe special golf shoe orthotic inserts to improve the game and prevent injuries. Read my earlier blog on FOOT ORTHOTICS.

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