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Posture Aids

There is a growing public opinion and awareness of the importance of good posture. This is not a new topic discussed here on This author has been quoted as saying: “As the Eyes are the mirror to your Soul, Posture is the mirror to your Health.” Today we can walk into a number of retail stores and find various products being sold that attest to improving one’s posture. Are they really able to do that? Truth is yes and…

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Reducing Golf injuries

Golf Swing

Golf has become a power game. It’s all about power and distance. Statistically, most people drive the ball less than 200 yards, but they get a big case of ‘distance envy’ when they see the pros on television reaching 300 yards. Once they start trying to match what the pros are doing, injuries are bound to occur simply because they have not conditioned their body to swing that hard. Golf-specific training and conditioning are the best ways to improve your…

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Fitness Health Product Review

Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom Foot Orthotics aka Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers Normally we don’t think about getting shoe inserts but some of us have bad feet and should consider what a custom-made foot orthotic can do for you. What do I mean by bad feet? If you experience foot pain, for starters; but even if your feet don’t hurt they could cause knee or hip problems due to the poor 3-arch support our feet need to have the necessary support for the body’s frame, especially in motion.…

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