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Posture and HealthThere is a growing public opinion and awareness of the importance of good posture. This is not a new topic discussed here on This author has been quoted as saying: “As the Eyes are the mirror to your Soul, Posture is the mirror to your Health.”

Today we can walk into a number of retail stores and find various products being sold that attest to improving one’s posture. Are they really able to do that? Truth is yes and no. Some are basic supports that can relieve tension and the stress of poor posture but can do little to actually improve the posture. They provide temporary support that reduces the tired feeling at the end of the day, and that is a good thing. But the question remains. Are there posture aids that can actually improve the physical conditions that cause poor posture?

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, a spine and nerve expert in our community,  I see how correcting spinal misalignments can certainly have a huge impact on posture, for a variety of reasons. Correcting core defects in spinal alignment has direct and indirect impact on posture and on the muscles strained by improper spinal alignment. So this makes me an authority on the subject of posture. Leveraging the formal training a chiropractor has on the bio-mechanics, on kinetic chains and functional orthopedic testing to identify these defects; I bring this expertise into the evaluation of posture-related aids and products.

At this time the most common products associated with postural stress reduction are: cervical pillows, lumb0-pelvic braces or supports, neck travel pillows, Back Joy pelvic supports, ergonomically designed chairs, etc. Posture correction devices are custom foot orthotics (like those made by Footlevelers) and the upper body braces that pull back the shoulders and re-train the spinal muscles to hold better.

In any effective posture improvement scheme there must be associated exercises to create any lasting changes. Some of these exercises have been developed in New Zealand called the McKenzie exercises, a form of extension exercise focus. The best time to address poor posture issues are the teenage years (as the tree is bent so grows the tree). Posture can also be affected by overly contracted ligaments so stretching of the hamstrings for example can improve lower back issues that cascade upward to adversely affect posture. As you can see posture can be improved and with the use of good exercise, stretches and properly designed and smartly manufactured products; and as more posture aids will come on the market I will be happy to review and report on these.

Yours in Health,

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  • Reply
    nancy ladores
    11/22/2015 at 1:07 am

    hi doctor mike,

    im nancy and i got interested about chiropractic as i watched several videos of dr ian of australia. One of the video that caught my attention is the case of patient name mun who had a chronic back pain, hanched back, numbed right leg when he tried to pull the root of the plant. Mr Mun went to several doctors, he was treated but after several treatment doctors are rejecting him. Until finaly he found dr ian in facebook communicate and went to his clinic.

    In the 1st session after thorow check up mun felt big relieve to the pain his been carring for about 4 months. And session by session big changes happen to him until the 10th sesseion he was able to walk straight body that as if nothing severe happened to him.

    With that story i got inspired and addicted watching repeatedly all his video until i went to search if chricopractic is available in philippines. And thats the point i cross to your name.

    I just want to ask if with thyroid problem can be cured by chricopractic or i would say if my body will undergo check up and advice to aligned or adjusment of bone or spine, will it cure my thyroid prolem. Also i had my back problem too, foot coz i used to run a long distance, indigestion etc etc.

    First where is your clinic located coz i lived in rizal area. the consultation fee, and payment per session. This is the factor that i need to know so I can assess my self if i could afford to have a check up or session to treat or fix my body.

    I hope to get good information about you, and hope you can give me a very apordable fee so you may fix my body po. as i believe in the natural healing of the body.

    Looking forward to your response.

    sincerly your,

    • Reply
      11/24/2015 at 8:23 am

      Dear Nancy, Chiropractic offers very specific care to a large number of health problems. Thyroid malfunction has occurred from cervical spine misalignment affecting the nerves to the Thyroid. You will want to read our blog on that topic. Chiropractic does not treat Thyroid problems but the correction of neck problems when present has had positive outcomes for people experiencing Thyroid problems. Only with a personal evaluation can a determination be made to see if there may be a connection with your spine and nerve concerns. Contact information is on our clinic website at docMIKE

  • Reply
    07/23/2017 at 6:27 am

    Great article. I’m currently researching ways to cure my daughter’s intermediate Kyphosis. I’m looking at braces and various other posture aids. Do you have any recommendations? Would chiropractics help in this case?

    • Reply
      Michel Tetrault
      07/27/2017 at 2:55 pm

      Jon, Kyphosis and other spinal variations in spine development such as Scoliosis need to be looked into by a spinal expert. More advances cases need bracing or surgery but most are best managed conservatively. Yes, Chiropractic is an advanced profession in spine and nerve problems and the options never include drugs or surgery. You can check for the location nearest to you. Mabuhay Chiropractic has 9 branches in Manila. Click here:

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