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Posture Aids

There is a growing public opinion and awareness of the importance of good posture. This is not a new topic discussed here on This author has been quoted as saying: “As the Eyes are the mirror to your Soul, Posture is the mirror to your Health.” Today we can walk into a number of retail stores and find various products being sold that attest to improving one’s posture. Are they really able to do that? Truth is yes and…

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Chiropractic Focus – Lordosis and Kyphosis explained

The word scoliosis is a word we have all heard before; it is the lateral bending of the spine mostly observed to the left and right and back again to form the letter ‘S’. Two other terms that you may have heard somewhere are Lordosis and Kyphosis, and these are forward bending of the spine and backward bending of the spine, respectively. At the time of birth we all have a spine shaped in a ‘C’ or in the fetal…

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Wellness focus – Are your children getting enough exercise?

According to the Active Healthy Kids Canada 2012 Report Card, lack of physical activity and too much inactivity have many negative effects; while lack of exercise tops the list of the biggest concerns about kids’ health, according to a new survey of American adults. Are Filipino parents mistaken by introducing their children to screen games and fast foods? Children are more at risk of suffering health consequences of a lifestyle with a lack of physical activity that prevents optimal physical…

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Chiropractic Focus – Posture is a Mirror to your Health

“As the eyes are the mirror to your soul… so is your posture the mirror to your health.” Sounds like a prophetic statement but it is a practical concept to understand and because it’s so true! To put things into context let’s figuratively make a comparison list by placing everyone you know who has great posture on the right side of the page all the people you know who have bad posture on the left side of the page. Now…

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