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Foot Levelers SPSCustom Foot Orthotics aka Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers
Normally we don’t think about getting shoe inserts but some of us have bad feet and should consider what a custom-made foot orthotic can do for you. What do I mean by bad feet? If you experience foot pain, for starters; but even if your feet don’t hurt they could cause knee or hip problems due to the poor 3-arch support our feet need to have the necessary support for the body’s frame, especially in motion. We will see poorer fitness performance as a result. How’s your game?

Personal testimony: I suffered a lower back injury at the age of 16 and suffered pain and/disability for five years until I discovered what Chiropractic could do for me. A grateful and enthusiastic patient, I dropped everything and spent the next 5 years completing my unfinished college and a chiropractic degree. But I still had weakness in the injured part of my lower back, the sacral joints and pain would easily return… that is until I graduated and ran across Foot Levelers and their custom foot orthotics. That was just the right thing I needed to finally get a handle on a then 10+ year old back problem. Now some 30 years later I am on my 3rd pair because, as good as they are they wear out after 10 years or so. (such a deal for only $250 or P10,000).

I share this personal story because I brought the technology to the Philippines and have checked lots of feet over the past year only to find that Asians have terrible feet. I mean really flat feet, bilateral pronation, loss of two out of three arches; so much so that less than 10% of the people I checked in Manila had half decent feet. Yup! 90+ percent could benefit from a pair of these custom orthotics. At present my company is the exclusive service provider for the Foot Leveler Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers in the Philippines. This blog is really not about advertizing but how do I tell people about this terrific solution and not tell them where to get it.

One patient was bragging how she need to buy new shoes now because after suffering all these years with bad feet that always were swollen and often painful, her foot shrunk to normal and all her shoes are too large for her now. (She’s not complaining. lol)

You can visit this LINK and get more information. Foot Levelers is a 60-year-old USA company and they make all their orthotics in America and ship them to us here in Manila ready to fit into our patients’ shoes.

Other helpful information: Stabilizers, for Golfers and for Kids.

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