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The 5 Ws of Health & Wellness

5 WsEven though people are doing many things to improve their wellness, they still take their body places and do things with it that gets them sick.  This BLOG is a very useful self-contained program that can be used by small groups (class, church, clubs ,etc.) to undertake a group support type of wellness workshop. You can do it!

Enjoy this simple process I developed for a small seminar. It was quite effective at getting the majority of the participants to take real assessment of their current health status and get them in the correct frame of mind to take the next important steps to a healthier body and life. Take a pen and  paper and participate in this process of reviewing the 5 Ws:

Who? Why? What? Where? and When?

1. Who? Is responsible for your health? Of course it’s not your doctor or your spouse, but it’s you. Write your name here.

2. Why? Personalize what reasons you have to get & to stay healthy. Take a moment to list 3 to 5 reasons you find apply to you as you confirm that health is important to you and for the following reasons…

3. What? What is stopping me from experiencing the fullest in health? You begin by accepting the significance of this statement: “My Problems are the result of doing too many of the WRONG things and not enough of the RIGHT things.” But what things ar we talking about? Regarding money and relationships the list can be long but when we are talking about health, in general we are referring to how we think, feel and act about moving our bodies and about eating the right foods. In the end it is really all about Energy management.

The correct pathway begins with your thinking 1st and 2nd focusing on your actions. Sad to say how we mostly suffer from the dangers of erroneous thinking; that is we believe something to be true that is not true. This includes the rationalizations we hold dear to our hearts to justify our wrong behaviors. Many times we are simply addicted to something and are not willing to admit that truth; like alcohol, nicotine, insulin or adrenalin. In the end we suffer health consequences resulting from wrong lifestyles.

There is a gradual degradation of health as follows: healthy, well, unwell, unhealthy, sick, near death, and finally dead. On a scale of 1-10 we can rate these as 10 = healthy, 8-9 = well, 7-8 = unwell, 5-6 = unhealthy, 3-4 = sick, 1-2 = near death, and 0 = dead.

Be honest and write down how you rate yourself (1-10) in these 5 Essential areas of Health, with 10 being the best.

  1. Nutrition (score = ___)
  2. Fitness (score = ___)
  3. Rest/sleep (score = ___)
  4. Correct thinking and stress management (score = ___)
  5. Proper nerve supply (score = ___)

Now add up the above scores for a total score of ______, then divide by 5 to get your average on scale of 1-10. Refer to the above scale and see where that places your health status. Are you satisfied with that number? If not, some positive changes will help.

4. Where do we go from here to improve our health status? The first place to go is in the mind which then dictates what actions are possible to undertake. I believe people are basically smart enough to figure these things out on their own. At each of the 5 Essentials, select one easy solution that will improve your score in that area in just 3 days; then select one not-so-easy solution to implement over the next 3 months that will also raise your score in that area. You don’t have to tackles every area all at once. Get some positive experience with some of the areas you are more confident to make changes in first. Then repeat this process every quarter until you have raised your score to as close to a 10 as possible. It might take you a full year to do so but that’s OK as long as you start and make regular progress.

5. When? You might automatically stay: “Well the right answer is Right Now!” But that may not necessarily be true. The right thinking creates the right conditions for you to move forward. You need tot get your head and heart in the correct frame of mind. Permit me to send you to another website that will help educate you in these areas so it becomes easier to feel more confident in making better choices, the right choices.
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