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Mabuhay 2nd Annual Gala

cpfa-launchA special greeting to all our Mabuhay Chiropractic patients. Since last year our clinic has started an annual Patient Appreciation social function. It began in support of the formation of the Chiropractic Patients Federation of Asia (CPFA) – Philippine Chapter. We are doing it again this year and are inviting our most loyal and notable members of society who value what chiropractic has done for them and their families.

The 2nd Annual Mabuhay Gala is organised for Saturday, August 1st at the Makati Diamond Residences hotel. There will be drinks, food, music, a little dancing, a few speeches and awards and special numbers by two young talented patients. The cocktails start at 7 pm with diner at 8 pm and a short program followed by dancing until 10 pm. Should you receive and invitation please respond promptly about your attendance or excuses. Thank you.


Mabuhay Chiropractic Clinics accepted to host the event that launched the CPFA in response to the desire for a patient based association that is concerned about the development of the chiropractic profession in the Philippines. Since there is no law that regulates the chiropractors and there is no university teaching chiropractic, that new Filipino Chiropractors can grow, the availability of chiropractors who are so badly needed in all parts of the country will remain very small.

At present in 2015 there are less than 30 chiropractors in the Philippines and most of them are over the age of 50. This means that in less than 20 years they will all be retired and who will be there to care for Filipinos then. The CPFA understands that there are over 2,000 chiropractors needed today to meet the existing needs of people in the Philippines. So we have to see that number grow from 20 something to two thousand something. No wonder there is a need for the CPFA!

senatehearingSenator “Sonny” Trillanes has been trying to get passed a Chiropractic Act since 2008. Last year, through the involvement of the CPFA, this bill was reviewed by committee and a few important amendments were found to be needed. This Congress is about to close and it is unlikely that this act will be modified and approved before this session ends; but there are already efforts made to have the bill resubmitted to the next Congress with the needed changes so it can pass directly from committee to the floor for a vote by the elected houses.

It is for these reasons MCC continues to support the CPFA, who assures that the legislative work is just the beginning of what can be done. The future will see Public Health education, student recruitment, medical/chiropractic missions and support for the newly formed Association of Professional Chiropractors of the Philippines; to encourage their patients to also join the ranks of the Chiropractic Patients Federation of Asia, especially individuals who are strong advocates who share the same value for chiropractic.

This is a good time to honor our volunteers, to recognize the hard work of our staff and to rally toward supporting our elected officials who can pass this bill, likely to be called the Chiropractic Act of 2016.

Be safe out there this rainy season! Yours in Health,


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