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10 Essential Body Systems – Circulatory

3. Circulatory or cardiovascular system

Body systems are a group of tissues and organs that are designed to work together to make the body work in specific ways. Some organs are part of more than one system when they serve more than one function. Since all 10 systems are necessary for sustainable life we refer to them as Essential Systems. We will look at each system in a separate blog over the next months in chiropractic terms so our readers can see the connection between a healthy spine and nervous system, the optimal outcome of proper chiropractic care.

The circulatory or cardiovascular system is an organ system having two components, a systemic circulation and a pulmonary circulation. It serves to circulate and transport nutrients in the blood like oxygen, carbon dioxide, hormones, and blood cells to and from the cells in the body to provide nourishment that supports life and helps in fighting diseases through a stronger natural immunity, maintains homeostasis and stabilizes temperature and pH.

Many diseases affect the circulatory system. This includes cardiovascular disease, affecting the cardiovascular system, and lymphatic disease affecting the lymphatic system. The most dominant factor that affects the health of this system is chronic sub-acute inflammation, known as metabolic syndrome. This predisposes the veins and arteries to endothelial tissue degeneration leading to a number of cardiovascular diseases. There are two approaches to address the health of this system; one is proactive and the other is reactive.

Western medicine engages in a reactive approach involving a variety of protocols focused on the early detection of disease, but fails to address the underlying causes; in fact introduces drugs into the circulating blood that only adds to the sub-acute inflammation. In an earlier blog I discussed the need for people to maintain a clean blood supply and “don’t pollute your river” The proactive health measures do not focus on testing and treating, but on true preventative measures addressing the lifestyle causes of dis-ease, that can promote metabolic syndrome.

Chiropractors are well-trained to intervene in the patients’ lifestyle to be proactive in supporting health versus promoting sickness management. In addition, since the organs of the cardiovascular system are managed by the central nervous system; chiropractors are engaged in the detection and correction of spinal lesions that may cause nerve interference to the heart and blood vessels.
There may be a need for disease management considering how many people are poor managers of their health. Since the heart is a vital organ, there is no room for entering the slippery slope of disease management. That is why chiropractic is an integral part of holistic health by keeping a highly functioning nervous system and advising patients of lifestyle corrections. That is the best way to avoid disease… by living a life that does not promote disease.

Yours in real health,

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  • Reply
    06/24/2019 at 6:04 am

    Hello Doc Mike,
    I heard that you are already retired, are you not practicing your profession anymore?
    My mom had a bad fall and we went to the clinic but she cannot stand to have her body xray.

    • Reply
      Michel Tetrault
      02/11/2020 at 10:16 am

      Dear Clarita, It is beneficial to have a standing or weight bearing x-ray when a chiropractic evaluation is undertaken. However, there is still value from an x-ray study, even if the patient is laying down. I suggest to proceed with the x-ray taken laying on on the table and explain that to the chiropractor as he/she evaluates the tests. People benefit from chiropractic because we perform spinal adjustments and I highly recommend she continue with her plan to undergo chiropractic care. You can ask the clinic nearest you to contact me and I will be happy to co-consult with our associate there for your mother. Yours in Health, docMIKE

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