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True Healing is Cellular

Cell biology

Cell biologyEver notice how a plant heals after a storm, how the broken leaves are not repaired but discarded and replaced with a new healthy leaf? Our bodies heal much in the same way.

Cells within the human body have different life spans based on the type and function of the cell. They can live anywhere from a few hours or days to a year to a lifetime. A red blood cell lives up to 120 days, skin cells live a couple months while a white blood cell lives at about 13 to 20 days, which is the time where the lymphatic system destroys them; while still other white blood cells only live 12 hours while fighting an active infection. Brain cells live the life of the organism as do skeletal and cardiac muscle that remain unchanged once created, yet the smooth muscle cells of the internal organs only have a lifespan of a few days.

So to put this another way, your body is made up about 200 different cell types with an estimated 10 trillion cells in total. Every minute, an average of 300 million of the body’s cells die. In the vast majority of cases, these cells are quickly replaced by new cells through a process call cellular mitosis. So it behoves us to respect these processes and to gain a minimum understanding of what it takes to support this whole healing mechanism. At the most basic level of health preservation the focus has to be on a proper internal cellular environment for the cells to live, to grow, to perform and maintain our systems and then to finally be properly replaced by a heathy one to continue the job.

  1. A healthy cell has TONE
  2. It is able to maintain homeostasis
  3. Can perform its functions very well
  4. Produces normal daily energy
  5. Can effectively eliminate its waste products
  6. Undergoes regular replacement

Basically what the body cells need from their host is a steady supply of bio-nutrients and sources of energy; also needed is a safe environment free from pollutants and an effective elimination process to clean up around the cells after they do their work and the discharge of by-products from metabolism, synthesis and mitosis. Good advice is simply to keep yourself fit and properly nourished while avoiding unhealthy lifestyles; to stay clean externally and internally. Nature has got the rest covered for you. I hope that is reassuring to you!

Yours in real Life.

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