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Stressed Out With All The News? Do These 5 Things Today.

Stressed Out With All The News? Do These 5 Things Today.

Ever notice that when there is a fire in town everybody wants to go see it; or when there is an accident on the street just around the corner, everybody gets out of their houses to go see what happened? We are magnetically drawn to bad news.

Are you always turning on the television or checking social media for recent news posts about the Coronavirus crisis? Yes, that’s you, and what is that doing to you? Stressing you out for sure. It’s called being a human being, but its not the best thing for your mental and physical health. So let’s be positive and do something that will get you away from the TV and your cellphone and help reduce your mental and physical stress.

  1. Do the obvious, get out of the house and take a walk around the block for some 30 minutes. Sunlight is healthy when exposed in moderation as it helps to build bones. Blue sky and nature’s green flora is calming to your eyes and your blood pressure.
  2. Chill ka muna! Go to your bedroom and sit in a quiet place and do deep breathing exercises. Follow this activity: take a deep breath but do not release it right away; instead hold it as long as you can and then very slowly exhale. That is the one-minute method of slowing down your heart. Follow this with a gradual decrease in the rhythm of both inhaling and exhaling so that by the end of 5 minutes your system is flooding with oxytocin. Work on stretching out how long it takes to perform both breathing in and breathing out while you maintain a relaxed body position and permit yourself (like meditation) to relax over 15 minutes in this condition.
        • Always breath in through the nose and breath out through the mouth, like they teach in meditation. You can see how this will relax your heart rate, increase your anti-stress hormone levels and effectively adds stress counter-measures to your stressful days. Want to know more, read my blog “


  1. Go visit a friend and talk about anything other than the crisis.
  1. Play some games at home such as card games, cellphone or tablet games, PlayStation, watch YouTube.
  1. Clean your house, cook dinner, do laundry or any other household activity that will get your mind off the news.

Get Healthy and stay healthy, says docMIKE!

Yours in Health,

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