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Casualness Leads to Casualties… OUCH!

Casualness Leads to Casualties… OUCH!

This quote from success guru Jim Rohn really hits the heart as it has important lessons that we can apply to our health. The definition of casual is to occur by chance versus by intent, lacking a high degree of interest or devotion; one of showing little concern, and not treating things seriously.
Imagine an assembly line worker treating their job too casually. Arriving late to work delaying the entire assembly line, not wearing proper safety equipment, and getting themselves of another worker injured; being inconsistent with the application of the necessary details of their workstation and affecting the quality of the final product, etc. Casualness is a state of mind, and in many circumstances an irresponsible mind at that. What are the chances that this assembly worker will be fired from their job? Almost guaranteed, unless they change their attitude, their state of mind to keep their job.
How would you rate your attitude about how you take care of your health? Are you dutiful, paying very close attention to the details of how you live your life to promote health? Or, are you too casual about your health, even neglectful or taking things for granted? Taking things for granted has never fostered much success, at work and with your relationships. How does one take things for granted? By forgetting about important dates and things, by ignoring the warning signs that there is trouble ahead. Then waking up one morning and you lost your spouse, fired from your job or both; there is no money in your bank account and your car is being repossessed. There is nobody to blame but yourself.
So, are you at risk of losing your job as the caretaker of your body? As a healthcare practitioner and a natural health advisor I get to see how individuals totally blow it in managing their health. I get to hear all the excuses, alibies and long stories of why things are so out of control. Here are the most common lame excuses:
– But doc, this just started last week.
– I never had anything like this before.
– It’s just a small thing, nothing to worry about.
– I just slept the wrong way last night.
– It must be something I ate.
– Doc, it’s usually tolerable, just only now it’s this bad.
– ___Write your own here___
– ___Write your own here___
– ___Write your own here___
If you are smiling and see this is true about others, it may also be true about yourself. Not admitting the truth is a form of insanity, a major disconnect. They say the cure can only start once one can confess their shortcomings. So, start with that and realize the danger of remaining casual about your health, heck your life in general for that matter. Stop making excuses, minimizing things, avoiding your problems and begin the responsible attitude, the right state of mind that saves you from yourself. You get to be your own hero!
Side note: when one can make a major improvement in one area of your life, that becomes the catalyst that can eventually cascade over all problematic areas of your life.
Yours in Real Health,
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