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GiraffeDid you know that people have the same number of neck bones as a Giraffe? Yes it’s true. There are seven bones.

In a previous blog I mentioned how the upper part of the neck is known as the “headache zone” and today we will discuss the other common problems related to misalignments of the seven bones in the neck. Pain in the neck comes from actual damage being reported to the brain in any of the tissues or structures of the neck.

  1. Muscles that are tight or in spasm (matigas) cause dull pain in the neck
  2. Ligaments that are over stretched or inflamed cause sharper pains
  3. Joints that are swollen are sore and painful with movement
  4. Spinal discs that are herniated (slipped) cause severe neck pain
  5. Nerves that are pinched or irritated cause radiating pain and/or numbness in the head, shoulders and/or arms.

Poor posture and minor or more severe injuries to the neck can damage the parts of the neck. The acute phase can be self-limiting if the symptoms are of short duration. Sometimes there is moderate damage and incomplete healing that causes chronic neck problems from incomplete healing.

Chiropractors can evaluate what did not completely heal and offer solutions. Commonly, we find that a misalignment of one or more bones in the neck is the reason why there continues to be pain, tightness, restricted range of motion, pain in certain positions, numbness, etc.

A series of spinal realignments, called spinal adjustments, can restore the healing process and help rehabilitate the neck and eliminate the causes behind the pain. Skillful and gentle manual procedures are used and are a very effective approach to managing neck pain.

Untreated, there will be worsening of the pain and damages, degenerative arthritis, disc degeneration and eventually pinched nerves; so time is not your friend and perhaps the 5 most dangerous words you could say are: “Maybe it will go away.”

Have you had your spine checked yet? Make that important appointment.

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