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Mabuhay Chiropractic Angels

Chiropractic Angels

On the anniversary of the Tetrault’s 10th year in the Philippines, noted by Mabuhay Chiropractic Clinics opening the doors of its 6th branch at the Mall Of Asia (MOA) on Nov 1st, one of our chiropractic angels dropped by to give us a cheer and encouragement.
That was Belle!


That made me think about the fact that we have several chiropractic angels like Belle. There are our longstanding CAs like Bernalin, Judy, Gemma and coming behind is Wheng. Also on that list are docMIKE’s former Executive Assistants Sixteen Ramos and Princess Lagman; and we can’t mention Princess without adding Gerwin Nables. Last but not least, to make the list of 10 complete, there is the first angel Mme. Apple and starter of all, docMIKE.

When these people are present in our clinics there is energy we can feel and this can be an encouragement to all our patients, the new and not so new staff.

So who are these angels? Today we will highlight our newest angel Belle because she cared to show up on the opening day at MOA… How sweet! From time to time we can learn more about the other angels.

Belle was introduced to the Tetraults through a family friend while they were visiting in Davao for New Years Eve. She seemed so pleasant that Mme. Apple commented that if she ever wanted to move to Manila to inquire if we had an open position. To our surprise, three weeks later, Belle said she was coming to Manila and we immediately gave her a job. She just loved Chiropractic. When there was a need for a volunteer, Belle always stood up.

BelleShe left behind her former work as civil servant in Mayor Duterte’s offices to seek a chance to grow as a young woman who had just turned 21. Fate had her back in Duterte’s employ after just 5 months at Mabuhay when the newly elected President’s secretary, having seen and known her trustworthiness, gave Belle the honor of working next to the President.

Well, that did not sit well at all with the Mabuhay staff who had been training and working with her those past several months; they kept asking her to come by for a visit, a lot. Belle even took a reliever role on weekends for a couple months with Bernalin’s persuasion.

Today, she can be seen warming the faces of our staff mostly in Makati, although I heard she made it all the way to Bacoor one time. I heard we will see her smiling face and laughing personality at our Christmas Party since Berna already invited her.

We very much appreciate our Chiropractic Angels!


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