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Alternative Easter Traditions

easter_treatThe celebration of Easter doesn’t have anything to do with a bunny that brings eggs. Easter is a liturgical time of celebration, specifically to acknowledge Christ’s sacrifice and Resurrection. As one of the biggest feast days in the Church, nobody is opposed to letting the kids enjoy some treats.

But when exactly did Easter became a holiday associated with chocolate bunnies, when there are so many options that are much interesting than a basket of sugar/candy? Easter is the second biggest candy-selling holiday of the year after Halloween. (many people consume over 100 pounds of sugar a year) Since excessive sugar and food dyes may affect behavior, it is becoming increasingly important to consider healthier alternatives; ideas that reduce the sugar and food dye content. We can always replace candy with fruit like chocolate covered strawberries (yum). Try creating baskets around an activity or theme like swimming or camping, or summer related activities.

Try some of these unique ideas and themes that are not only fun for the children to receive Easter morning, but also help encourage family experiences. Just fill it with an assortment of items that encourage activity and experiences like jump ropes, water guns, puzzles, card games, beach towels and toys, kites, outdoor games, bowling lane tickets, jump gym passes. [Easter Basket Ideas from Wellness Mama (http://wellnessmama.com)]

To keep Easter fun, start new traditions with healthy and natural activities. How about giving experiences instead of material gifts? Many families take vacations during Easter week so travel and physical activities are associated with the holiday. Christ fulfilled the requirements so we can be saved and enter His family when we enter Heaven. Family vacations are normally bonding and nurturing times for the family to honor our earthly family, while we sojourn in this temporary place.

Easter comes but once a year and while it’s good to keep sugar in check, a little annual excess to celebrate the Resurrection is ok…

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