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Course Corrections in Life

health_actionsWellness is the “pursuit of health lost” and at some point in time many people recognize that somewhere in life they got off course and they are unhappy with where they are. That is understandable yet it seems they get stuck in making lasting changes and keep ending up where they are, again. The reason is that they have not properly assessed where they were, where they are and finally where they see that they should be. To get from “here” (today’s unwelcome reality) to “there” (where you see things should be)  you have to leave “here” in order to get “there”… and that is the rub, the challenge, the problem, the withhold.

You see  you can’t go from where you are right now to where you need to be, you must first be willing to change your here, which is what you are currently doing if you are reading this blog and taking the message to heart, then see that new possibility as a result of those efforts.

Like an airplane that is off course, all that is needed is a slight course correction and the original destination is re-plotted. For others, life is like a train going down a track. The train can only go where that particular track leads; you can’t stay where you are and if you want to end up at a different place and sometimes what is required is doing something as drastic as getting your train on a different track!

Be guided by the following questions:

  • What is your here? (The undesired outcome of poor choices.)
  • What is your there? (What do you want and need to achieve?)
  • Will what you are doing now lead you to achieve what you want to achieve?
  • If it is, great. If it isn’t, take courage and course correct.

The truth is that in order to make the needed course correction you must do whatever it takes, to achieve what you want to achieve following the highest or principles. To be successful in making the needed life style corrections you must face and overcome your issues, your present that the past has created, and restore the original destination.

Oh by the way, as you read this, do you even know what is the correct destination? Try a
healthy life that approaches 100 years of age, being healthy all the way, not symptom free but whatever you encounter you healthy body can restore your heath.

Yours in Real Life,

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