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Natural or unnatural?

veggiesSeeking to replace junk food from our diets requires a little extra effort. Just because something is natural, it may still be unnatural for us to consume. It is said that one person’s food maybe another persons poison. So how do we do the right thing?

The best example I can give is to point to nature, those delicate cute beings, those birds that fly about in the trees; ever notice that no matter how many berry trees there are in the forest there are always some trees that the birds will never eat those berries. Nature has hardwired into their survival mechanisms which berries to stay away from. The consequences would be fatal. 

So what does this mean? Well again just because someone says it’s natural it may be unnatural for our species. Let me give you another example, drinking fruit juice. Oh now that’s got to be natural right? Truth is nature provides us with the fruit with all of the vitamins, fiber and phytonutrients to metabolize all the sugar in the fruit. Yes fructose is a sugar. So how many oranges does it take to make a liter of orange juice? The best answer I’ve seen is about 12 oranges. So will you eat 12 oranges in order to get a liter of orange juice? But doc, it’s all natural!

So if you eat the fruit juice your body will have to rob, to steal micro nutrients from other nutritious food that you consume to metabolize all that sugar in the orange juice you just drank. Therefore it is unnatural to drink fruit juice. OK, a little won’t kill you.

Let’s take another example, there’s a slimming tea out there, we all know the name, and it says all natural no side effects good for constipation keep a slimmer trimmer you. Do you know what Senna is, it’s a laxative. Why does it work like a laxative? Because is a toxin. Poisons are handled by your body by expelling the poison either by vomiting it up or with diarrhea. So drinking a tea that makes you have diarrhea, making all of your nutrients rush through your digestive track preventing the normal timeline needed to absorb those nutrients; so as you lose calories as you will you also lose nutrition, and that is unhealthy. So they say it’s all natural without side effects; but that’s really not true.

But doc, it’s all natural!

correct_pyramidWhy do we have so much diabetes, hypertension and obesity? Why do we have so much gouty arthritis? Why do we have so much arthritis, period? Too many of the foods that we eat, even the ones that are considered good for you; we simply eat too much of it. Therefore it is also unnatural to eat too much of a good thing. Nature is telling you by the way it is reacting. Take a minute stand in front of a mirror in your shorts and tell yourself what you see.

So let’s eat good things, stay away from junk, be discerning about what’s natural and what is unnatural regarding the foods that we eat. Live well to Be well!

Yours in real health,

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