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Weekly Veggie Day

veggiesSome years ago David and Martha Welling took a trip to Belgium where they found the town of Ghent was the first town in the world to go vegetarian at least once a week. They planned a regular weekly meatless day, in which civil servants and elected councillors opted for vegetarian meals. School children also followed suit with their own veggie day.

The goal was to cut Ghent’s environmental footprint and help tackle obesity. They later found that the British city of Liverpool also followed Ghent’s lead. So Martha said: “If a whole town can go veggie for a day why can’t our family do the same?” It would be much easier to pull off than to get 60,000 families to do the same, so the Wellings started to make a plan and you are invited to follow their lead and do the same with your family.

Here is a short list of 10 things to set up for this to happen.

  1. What day of the week will be Veggie Day?
  2. What are everybody’s favorite veggies?
  3. Who will buy the veggies?
  4. Who will do the cooking?
  5. Who will prepare the menu?
  6. Do we know a friend who is already good at making interesting veggie foods?
  7. Take advantage of seasonable availaibility of some vegetables.
  8. How much fruit do we allow in this planning?
  9. Is there a role for ‘Juicing’ in our plans?
  10. What is our Starting Day?

Have everybody write out a list of what they think are the benefits of doing a weekly veggie day. If anyone in the family resists the idea just educate them. By nature people are typically lazy, they don’t like change. They like their comfort foods and think they can’t live a day without them. Think about how this exercise grows the kind of character that breeds more successful people. It’s true!

The most successful people are those people who will do things everybody else are not willing to do. The benefits are more than just the physical health you get but it helps family members step out and do things that builds discipline and the ability to focus and implement changes.

The truth is anyone with half a brain will agree that going a Veggie Day a week is awesome! Have fun with this and build a super healthy and successful family.

Yours in Real Life,


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