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Gadget Apps and Posture Co-morbidities

Gadget Apps and Posture Co-morbidities

techneckA recent sampling of a group of young people in their twenties confirmed what I feared could happen and it is happening. Posture problems are getting worse and affecting an even larger percentage of the population, especially the children. What’s behind it? What could be having such a broad-based negative influence on so many people?

Gadgets! Not the gadgets themselves, but the rapid advancements in applications that gets so many lives entirely wrapped around the smart phone, tablets, laptops and smart watches. This “not-so-smart” lifestyle is breeding an epidemic and an addiction by being near-constantly plugged in and it’s raking havoc on our posture and on our health.

Young and not-so-young people are presenting themselves today with an increase in complaints about shoulder pain. This is not shoulder pain, it is shoulder girdle muscle related problems that complicate existing spinal misalignments and accelerate cervical disc degeneration, cervical origin headaches and associated brachial plexus neuropathies, radiculopathies, arm and hand pains and numbness.

The posture challenges traditionally observed were seen to increase when scoliosis was part of the person’s developmental history. The significance of poor posture becomes relevant when we think about how many healthy people we know with poor posture… almost none. Truth is posture is just the shadow of something more sinister, how the nervous system is compromised by the underlying causes of poor posture; all related to spine and nerves.

Couple with the fact that nobody can live a very physical life as they stay plugged into their gadgets. The resulting inactivity is spurring another deathly complex disease, the doubling and tripling of Diabetes type 2 incidences.

What does this message imply? We all need to pay attention to this phenomenon and look at ways to improve the physical, postural habits we subject our bodies to, for hours upon hours of time. It’s your choice!

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    08/30/2016 at 8:11 am

    Reading your post made me sit up straighter immediately. Do you have any suggestions for improving posture habits?

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      08/30/2016 at 12:28 pm

      Hi Hester and thanks for noticing your posture. You can get information on posture exercises by signing up on this website: and furthermore, if you want to have your posture professionally checked there is contact information also available on that same website. docMIKE

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