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Texting and Forward Head Posture

Posture and HealthWith everyone spending more and more time in regular use of their gadgets chiropractors are concerned about the higher incidence of Forward Head Posture we see with our patients. In early years this can alter normal development of the spine subjecting children to Kyphosis or Kyphoscoliosis. As we open this topic I would like to point our readers to a National Posture Campaign that can provide useful tools to improve posture.

The best way to make the case is to let you read what very smart people have already said.


  • Long-term forward neck posture leads to “long-term muscle strain, disc herniation and pinched nerves.” (Mayo Clinic Health Letter, March 2000)
  • In regard to respiratory dysfunction in chronic neck pain patients, a recent study “demonstrated a strong association between an increased forward head posture and decreased respiratory muscle strength in neck patients.” (Cephalgia, February 2009);
  • “For every inch of forward head posture, it can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds.” (Kapandji, Physiology of the Joints, Volume 3)
  • “Loss the cervical curves stretches the spinal cord 5-7 cm and causes disease.”            (Dr. Alf Breig, Neurosurgeon and Nobel Prize recipient)
  • Abnormal pronation of the feet promotes reversed lordosis of the cervical spine.
  • Forward Head Posture has been shown to flatten the normal neck curve, resulting in disc compression, damage and early arthritis. (Roentgenographic findings of the cervical spine in asymptomatic people. (Spine, 1986;6:591-694)

Dr. Roger Sperry, Nobel Prize recipient for the brain research says: “90% of the stimulation an nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine.” Dr. Sperry demonstrated that 90% of the energy output is used in relating the physical body to gravity. Only 10% percent has to do with thinking, metabolism, and healing, so when you have forward head posture, your brain will rob energy from thinking, metabolism and immune function to deal with abnormal gravity/posture relationship and processing.

The more we look into the topic, the greater the consequences, so docMIKE says: “gadgets are great as long as your use is moderated.” The biggest group at risk today are the children since we see them looking at or playing with a screen as early as one years old. They don’t even get to grow up first before subjecting their necks to this postural stress. Chiropractors will have plenty of patients in this next generation, as will Optometrists with the limited focus field subjected every day.

In conclusion, all I can say is… YOUR BODY IS SENDING YOU A MESSAGE.

Yours in Real Health,

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