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Health is Inconvenient

David was telling me that as a senior he is realizing how much of what he suffers at this age is really the result of his poor attitude toward taking care of himself when he was younger. Ah, the benefits of wisdom as we get older! These are moments when lolo’s (grandpa’s) stories help us reflect on how well are we taking care of ourselves today and hopefully with the future in mind.

Truth is we often easily discard our health by placing too low of a priority on taking care of ourselves at any or all times of our life. In a sense health is compromised by the random actions and casual attitudes we have throughout life. Can we do better? I think so and you can too.

So why do we do it? Mostly because we fail to recognise small health crises for the warnings they are supposed to give us. Illnesses we experience once or twice per year tell a story that we are somehow missing. We view acute episodes of illness or recurring pains as separate incidences instead of connecting the dots of how these infrequent illnesses are variations and different expressions of our health being lost at a much more subtle level. We emerge from these smaller events thinking we were restored… but were we really fully restored?

Here are a couple of earlier blog topics for you to revisit in context of today’s reflections to first give you some specific attitude corrections (HEALTH IS NOT AN ACCIDENT) as all change begins with correct thinking; and secondly, a working tool (WELLNESS MAPPING) that will help you regain context of where you are along life’s road WITH health (we pray).

Above all, please regard health for what it is, a gift from God that, when respected and honored, shall carry you through a long and prosperous life.

Yours in Life,

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