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Joe Cross Transformation

Joe Cross TransformationIn our journey towards a Well Life we need to expand our exposure to new ideas and be motivated by exceptional individuals who stand out of the crowd with their achievements. On May 30, 2013 in Manila I attended a seminar by one such individual who has reversed his physical standing where the risk of experiencing Diabetes has been virtually eliminated, if his progress is sustained. Australian businessman Joe Cross tipped the scale at 310 pounds when he realized he needed to regain control of his life. His solution? Juicing. His product choice Breville manufacturing.

I do not personally support the idea that juicing is the correct way to restore your health but there may be a limited role for people who have failed at other methods. Mostly, I believe you can be inspired by his journey and the lessons you can take home, not specifically about taking the exact same pathway he under took, but by the person he became along the way for the main lessons I hope you can absorb from exposure to this transformed person.

Lessons I walked away with that are note worthy for my readers are:

  1. Juicing offers a valid natural intervention when someone is suffering an illness. The hyper-nutrition received will give the body ingredients it can use to heal, to restore metabolic integrity.
  2. 10 days of  strict juicing is a safe place to start
  3. If weight loss is needed above 15 lbs, it may take 30 days of juicing to restore BMI.
  4. Moderate to extensive exercising is MANDATORY during juicing days and required after as part of new  lifestyle.
  5. Juicing is then replaced with plenty of daily vegetables and some fruits, for the rest of your life.
  6. If you return to your old lifestyle habits… you will be right back where you started from.

Everything can change in an instant when a person experiences a “Moment of Truth” that most commonly happens when we have a Mid Life Crisis. That is what Joe experienced, that moment when looking at the present (sum of his past choices) and being totally disappointed with who he was, then projecting that reality ahead in life and instantly feeling the consequences. Joe’s “Moment of Truth” took place when he brought all the future consequences of his past choices that before didn’t seem to matter… but now they do. This is a story repeated by so many men and women in their 30’s and 40’s.

Read more about positive life transformations in my blog on MID LIFE CRISIS. Hope to see you there at the screening.  I will be able to make it to the Friday May 31st date.

Yours in Real Life,

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