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5 Essentials – Proper Nutrition

Health Index Rating Scale

On the scale of one (1) to ten (10) with ten being optimal, rate yourself on how well you are doing your nutrition. RATE: ____

When we think about living a healthier life, the first area we have immediate control over is food. Here one can start to see immediate improvements by making very appropriate choices that have been neglected for some time. See Video on this Topic.

1. Proper Nutrition:
When we have maintained an ideal BMI (body mass index) our bodies need to consume energy and nutrients from foods in these proportions: (more info in my NUTRITION blog)
30% from protein sources (meats, eggs, sea food, etc.)
30% from fats (less animal fat and more oils, vegetable sources)
40% from carbohydrates (best from complex carbs like vegetables, less from refined carbs like products made from white flour or sugar)

When we stick to these proportions we get the right mix of bio-nutrients and here we include proper hydration and if necessary added food supplements like vitamins, minerals and other micro-nutrients.

The body uses proteins to build muscles, skin, hair, and other cells but equally as important , the body needs proteins to build enzymes that fuel your metabolism. It uses carbohydrates for energy to run the body metabolism because it is the cleanest fuel for that purpose. (1 Glucose + 6 O2 = 6 H20 + 6CO2 + 2 ATP)

You might be surprised to learn that fats are extremely important as they are used to build every cell wall in the body. They call the cell wall the “Bi-lipid” layer, meaning two layers of fats cells actually lined up back to back to form the cell  membrane. So low fat diets are just plain nuts! It is THE RIGHT FATS that you need through, oils, vegetable sources like olive oil, sesame and coconut oils, etc.

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