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Wellness Reflections: ATTITUDE

Attitude* is formed by three things:
1. Where you’re coming from in general.
2. How you’re looking at or interacting with something, someone, life or yourself.
3. How well you are lined up with Truth, your path, reality, goals, etc.

1. Where you’re coming from in general, so you likely fit into one of these levels:
– Life is pretty good, when I do well.
– Life’s not bad at all, given what I’m facing.
– Listen, I just do my best; that’s all that one can do.
– I am doing quite well, thank you.
– Life’s tough and I’m having a hard time.

What’s the point here? It’s simple. Life IS perfect and life IS great. It may just be YOU who’s not or who isn’t seeing life for what it is. I think we get Life and Ourselves confused/collapsed. They are distinct. There’s Life and then there’s You. Very, very different, even though it’s like one (you) is one side of your hand (palm) and the other (life) is the other side (top) — you can’t have one without the other, yet each are very, very different in terms of appearance, function, care. The goal here is that you start seeing YOU as great and see LIFE as great. The Truth IS that LIFE is great and so are you. The lesson here is to start getting how perfect life is and start coming from that place so that you can more readily bring YOUR life in line with Life.

2. How you’re looking at or interacting with something, someone, life or yourself.
a) Experience so far. If you’ve had a challenging life, you’re probably pretty used to it and to surviving. So, to see that life is Great may hold no appeal, given your systems are designed to get through obstacles vs rise above them.
b) Cultural Background. Many cultures, subcultures and religions equate problems with life and that if you don’t have problems, then something’s wrong and maybe you’re blind or something. If you are the product of a culture that embedded this notion in you, see if you are willing to let this assumption go and realign yourself to what’s possible vs what you’ve been taught.
c) Parents and Family. I am continually shocked at how many families, while loving and supportive, have placed bulletproof plexiglass ceilings above the heads of their children with messages like, “Well that’s nice, Mary, but shouldn’t you have a real job for your security?,” and “I’m glad you are successful, but don’t get too excited now,” and variations of. Many parents, in their desire to protect their children (even as adults), focus on saving the kids from mistakes vs encouraging them to be themselves and recover from the errors. You may well have been taught that life is X, when life really may be Y.

3. How well you are lined up with Truth, your path, reality, goals, etc.
Shift Yourself to Come-From a Better Place. Shifts take awareness and practice, so don’t stop changing. You can begin by weaving in the who as you change the what. And, in this lesson, you will want to look at how you can upgrade where you come from by shifting yourself vs just parroting the “I’m Great and So Are You” language. You have to feel it. If you don’t, get a coach and focus on this.

Yours in Life,

(*excerpts from Thomas Leonard’s writings)

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