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HabitsResponsibility comes from “having the ability to respond” or to put it another way, what you can demonstrate the ability to respond to is what you can claim responsibility over. Not being able to respond means you cannot be responsible for or even that you are actually being irresponsible about…

Your current mental, emotional and behavioral habits are what create your future. How you choose to habitually respond, forms the foundation of your personal integrity as well as your life. Be a person who is responsible for your life’s outcomes.

Personal responsibility is essentially:

  • Willingness to accept life with all its challenges, joys, sorrows and delights.
  • Ability to choose from an almost unlimited repertoire of mental, emotional, and behavioral responses.
  • Never blaming anyone or anything for the outcomes you experience.
  • Determining for yourself the quality of your own character.
  • Consciously choosing, setting and achieving personal goals.
  • Taking care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
  • Learning how to “respond” to life, rather than “react” to it.
  • Living life in a manner that fosters personal growth, their success and their happiness.
  • Living as a more complete human being.

In conclusion, the key to designing you desired future lies in learning about the connection between what you choose now, your habitual responses, and the future consequences of those choices. Want an upgrade in life? Upgrade your ability to respond. Once you are there, life is truly sweet!

Adapted from Total Life Coaching by Patrick Williams and Lloyd Thomas.

Yours in Real Life,

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